Our easy to digest menu is a celebration of signature British dishes. The Empire scotch egg, is our take on the ultimate classic picnic food and is made with our exclusive sausage meat carefully prepared by our butcher using the finest locally sourced ingredients. Perhaps to follow, our crispy belly pork with a raspberry & port reduction. Slowly roasted for caramelized flavour & extra tender meat. Served with a rich buttered cabbage. We have combined the familiarity of a comfortable gastro-pub with a touch of elegance. We are proud to share that we source all of our meat through Venture Restaurants very own butcher, Meat Boutique. With no middle man we are able to consistently serve only premium products. Our friendly and expertly trained team can talk you through any part of our menu, helping you to choose your perfect dish.

1. Empire soup of the day 5,50
Please ask your waiter which of our delicious freshly made soups is available today

2. Salmon fishcake with a lemon tartar sauce 9,00
A light fishcake made with succulent salmon flakes, infused with parsley, dill & lemon. Served with a smooth lemon tartar sauce

3. Seared queen scallops on creamy peas with crispy pork belly & apple purée 17,00
Tender queen scallops, served alongside slices of slow roasted crispy belly pork with our duo garnish of apple purée & signature creamy peas

4. Sautéed chicken livers with crispy bacon in a red wine reduction 10,50
Sautéed chicken livers with crispy bacon & wild mushrooms simmered in a rich red wine reduction. Served with granary toast

5. Asparagus with crispy poached egg & vanilla spiked hollandaise sauce 8,50
Grilled asparagus topped with a special free range soft poached egg in a crispy breadcrumb coating & creamy hollandaise sauce spiked with vanilla essence

6. Quiche tartlet with pumpkin & goat cheese 9,90
An individual quiche, with a short crust pastry base, topped with sweet roasted pumpkin & crumbled goats cheese. Served with an artichoke salad

7. Sharing pork board for 2 per person 10,00
A selection of our finest pork dishes to share, served with pickles & chutneys; 4 hour boiled ham hock terrine, slow roasted crispy belly pork, Empire scotch egg & Empire sausage served with a trio of pickled red cabbage, spiced apple purée & beetroot chutney

11. Empire king prawn cocktail 14,00
Our twist on the classic, lightly spiced house made marie rose sauce with horseradish smeared under tender large king prawns on a bed of crisp gem lettuce

12. Ham hock & asparagus terrine 8,00
Ham hock boiled with fragrant herbs, shallots, juniper & orange zest for 4 hours so it´s extra tender & set in a delicate chicken stock terrine with asparagus spears. Served on a bed of cracked sea salt & house made piccalilli

13. Empire´s exclusive scotch egg 8,50
Our free range scotch egg is made with our exclusive Empire sausage meat carefully prepared by our butcher using the finest local ingredients, served on a bed of dressed mixed leaves & beetroot chutney

14. Steak tartare 18,00
Finely chopped raw steak with a dash of marie rose horseradish sauce, courvoisier, free range egg yolk, ground black pepper, shallots & a lemon twist prepared at your table by your waiter with a selection of garnishes & granary toast

15. Chicken liver & herb pâté 7,90
Our in – house made smooth pâté with delicate herbs & a light touch of brandy & port is served with granary toast & shallot marmalade

16. Empire cheese board for 2 9,00 per person
A selection of the finest cured & semi cured cheeses served with our house made pickles

20. Empire Waldorf salad 8,00
Smashed roasted walnuts, mixed greens, chopped celery and thinly sliced red apple dressed with a lemon and garlic vinaigrette

21. Empire stilton salad 8,50
Crumbled Stilton cheese, spinach leaves & chicory leaves on a bed of mixed greens with a lemon vinaigrette

22. Empire bacon & black pudding salad 12,50
Bacon & black pudding, with sun blushed tomatoes sprinkled with toasted pumpkin seeds. Served on a bed of mixed green leaves

All served with Empire bubble and squeak

26. Steamed steak & ale pudding 16,00
3 cuts of prime steak slowly braised in a British ale and thyme gravy with diced carrots, all steamed in our house made suet pastry
(Made fresh daily, only served after 19:00)

27. Ultimate fish pot pie 19,00
Succulent chunks of salmon, cod, king prawns & scallops poached in a white wine reduction with fresh cream & peas topped with cheesy mashed potato

28. Chicken, leek & mushroom pie 15,50
In – house made short crust pastry filled with braised chicken thigh, sautéed leeks & mushrooms, crème fraîche & chopped herbs

29. Cheese & red onion pie 14,50
A blend of creamy mature cheddar and red leicester cheese with finely diced potato chopped chives & sautéed sweet red onions with a hint of English mustard encased in our homemade short crust pastry

30. Tipsy beef for 2 per person 18,00
1st part… Fillet steak medallions sautéed in a rich red wine garlic rosemary & thyme jus with cracked sea salt.
2nd part… Home made, rich steak and ale pudding served with creamy mash

31. Glazed ham hock for 2 per person 14,50
Slow roasted ham hock basted in a special blend of English Mustard, cinnamon, star anise & honey served with pickled red cabbage, exclusively made Empire sausage & creamy mash

32. Empire fish & chips 14,50
Succulent fillet of cod dipped in a light beer batter served with triple cooked large chips & a duo of creamy peas & tartar sauce

33. Empire beef wellington with foie 24,50
Empire´s signature dish – a prime cut of fillet steak seared then perched on a layer of foie gras, dry sautéed mushrooms lightly seasoned & wrapped up in a puff pastry parcel & baked to perfection. Served on a bed of wilted spinach
(Limited amount + we prepare this dish with greatest of care please allow minimum of 30 min cooking time)

34. Empire bangers & mash 11,95
Empire bangers made exclusively by our butcher with our secret recipe using the finest ingredients. Served with a creamy mash & light onion gravy – the ultimate comfort dish

35. Salmon fillet with asparagus 17,00
Fresh fillet of salmon grilled skin side down for a crisp flavoursome skin & succulent fillet. Served with a potato rosti, char grilled asparagus & salsa verde

36. Crispy belly pork with a raspberry & port reduction 15,00
Slowly roasted for caramelized flavour & extra tender meat. Drizzled in a raspberry & port reduction & served with a rich buttered cabbage

37. Magret of duck with black cherry sauce 18,00
Sliced duck breast served pink or well done with duck fat roasted root veg; beetroot, carrot & celeriac with a burnt butter celeriac purée & black cherry sauce

38. Steak burger with cheese & crispy bacon 16,00
Steak minced for a luxurious patty topped with crispy bacon & mature cheddar and finished with a tomato relish & gherkins. Served with thin cut skin on chips

39. Char grilled sea bass parcel 18,00
Fresh sea bass sealed in a paper parcel on a bed of fragrant lemon & thyme then cooked on the char grill. Served filleted with thinly sliced creamy potatoes

44. Lamb rack & ball 19,50
Half a rack of lamb and a croquette of lamb shoulder, set on a sweet potato fondant with roasted carrot, pea & mint purée & sweet roasted garlic

40. Wild mushroom wellington 14,00
A vegetarian twist on our signature wellington – a puff pastry parcel filled with mixed wild sautéed mushrooms, baby basil & spinach in a brie cheese mousse on a bed of wilted spinach
(Please allow minimum of 30 min cooking time)

41. Empire vegetarian burger 13,50
Hand made lentil based patty with textures of asparagus & celery, crispy breadcrumb coated and topped with Empire’s signature curry mayo

42. Pork two ways 18,00
Slow roasted pork shoulder served alongside tender pork tenderloin, apple purée and a mustard mash

43. Crispy Coated Chicken Fritter 14,50
Crispy coated chicken breast served with an avocado mint mousse, fresh avocado coleslaw and skin on chips

We’re pleased to meet you with meat to please you! 
All of our char grill dishes come with thin cut skin on chips,1 sauce of your choice & buttered cabbage


69. Lady Fillet (180g) 19,95
Lean & tender fillet with a delicate flavour just a touch smaller

70. Fillet steak (250g) 25,00
Lean & tender with a delicate flavour

71. Rump steak 20,50
One of the leanest cuts with a pure, distinctive flavour

72. Sirloin 20,00
A delicate flavour balanced with a firmer texture

73. Rib eye (300g) 22,00
Marbled throughout for a juicy full bodied flavour

74. Select cut board for 2 per person 27,00
A taste of 3 of our most popular cuts- tender fillet steak, 28-day aged sirloin & premium rump. Served with a hot skillet at your table to allow you to cook your meat to your exact preference. Served with your choice of 2 sides & 2 sauces

75. Chateaubriand for 2 per person 29,00
Lean & exquisitely tender with melt in your mouth flavours. This cut comes from the heart of the fillet & is carved at your table. Served with your choice of 2 sides & 2 sauces


80. T-Bone with Fillet 27,00
Combining the rich flavour of the sirlion and the tenderness of the fillet

81. Marinated “tomahawk” pork chop 17,00
Tomahawk pork chop marinated in rosemary & char grilled for a juicy & flavoursome chop

82. Half roast hen 15,00
Char grilled free-range corn-fed chicken breast on the bone in a garlic, herb & lemon rub. Served with thin cut skin on chips, salad & a sauce of your choice

83. Beef short rib 17,00
Slowly braised in port, shallots & brown sugar for 10 hours and finished off on the char grill. Served with our sticky port sauce


88. Premium dry aged sirloin steak on the bone for 1 (450g) 23,50
A flavoursome cut with heavy marbling for a richer flavour

89. Premium dry aged rib eye on the bone for 1 (600g) 29,50
Heavily marbled throughout for a full bodied flavour

92. Premium Rib Eye for 2 on the bone (Chuletón) approx 900g – 1.2 kg per 100g 6,30
Heavily marbled for full bodied flavour. Caramelised on our charcoal grill then sliced & served rare with a hot skillet at your table to allow you to cook your meat to your preference


The prestigious Basque Butcher Txogitxu-A world renowned butcher from the Basque Country in Spain selects these prestigious cuts
only from Female cows which are deep ruby red in colour, heavily marbled for a rich unique flavor.
We dry age them for their optimum 35-42 days

95. Sirlion on the bone for 1 (450g) 27,00

96. Rib Eye on the bone for 1 (600g) 34,00

97. Chuletón Rib Eye on the bone for 2 (1.2kg minimum) 7,30 per 100g

Feel free to ask your waiter to see our exclusive cuts board


44. Thinly sliced creamy potatoes
45. 3 times cooked chunky chips
46. Creamy mash potato
47. Thin cut skin on chips

58. Asparagus & hollandaise sauce 4,70


50. Empire bubble & squeak
51. Buttered spinach
52. Roasted mixed root veg
53. Honey & mustard dressed salad
54. Creamy peas
56. Fried onions
57. Sautéed garlic mushrooms

60. Real reduced gravy
61. Mustard & onion gravy
62. Peppercorn sauce
64. Bearnaise sauce (+ gluten free option)
65. House mushroom sauce
66. Blue cheese sauce (+ gluten free option)
67. Garlic butter

*IGIC not included